When planning to take a fully online program, prospective students should explore the program’s quality and the support services it features. It will be helpful to find out what resources are available to help address your academic as well as your administrative concerns. You may want to find out how the University offers its support services in a fully online set-up.

To ensure student success in remote learning, schools are also shifting their on-campus support services to the digital space. 从咨询到技术支持, these types of services for fully online students are needed to get through their 教育 smoothly and successfully.

If you decide to enroll in a fully online program in 皇冠hg8868新版大学, you may benefit from the following resources and support:


While this service is typically not common to online programs, 皇冠hg8868新版 sees 生活教练ing to be necessary in ensuring its distance learners become and continue to be productive in the entire duration of their fully online study. It is a comprehensive student service that will guide students through their academic and student life and is among the promised benefits of a 皇冠hg8868新版 fully online program.

School counselors or advisers gather analytics on student performances and communicate periodically with students to shepherd them in their fully online studies. 在这里, students get advice on matters related to their 教育 and receive guidance in enrollment and other transactions with the University. Life coaching session is done weekly and is scheduled with fully online students to ensure the quality of their performance and to monitor their school activities.

Positive communication is an essential part of this service. The goal is to continuously motivate students to study and reach their goals, assist them in understanding and effectively dealing with their own social concerns, 检查他们的学习进度, and help them manage everyday tasks for them to gain independence.


教师 facilitators develop course modules, deploy student assessment and give the final grades of a student. Another important role of the 教师助理员 is conducting facilitation meetings with students for Q&A, clarification sessions, discussion of assignments, and other academic advising activities. They can be reached through communication channels that have been set-up.


This service is a helping process that is confidential in nature where students are being assisted by the school’s guidance counselors on issues specific to mental health, 健康, 教育, 职业发展. Counselors help students plan strategies that will guide them in attaining their desired personal and academic outcomes, as well as help them evaluate the success of the strategies when applied.


与指令, 内容, 工具在网上, immediate response to technical concerns is critical. Find out the many ways you can get in touch with the helpdesk and the expected turnaround time for feedback.

In 皇冠hg8868新版, helplines are available for fully online students. The school has designated personnel whom students can contact via 电子邮件 or phone for concerns on University transactions, 学习工具, 以及个人学校账户.


电话沟通渠道, 电子邮件, 视频会议, or other platforms convenient for the students are also readily available, allowing them to be in touch with their facilitator, 生活教练, 和同龄人.